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Year of the Snake

I’m super excited to have been invited by Wendy Russo to participate in the Year of the Snake Blog Hop! Throughout the hop, you’ll get to read samples from books and enter the Year of the Snake Giveaway (at the bottom of this post)! Be sure to visit all the stops, also listed at the end of this post.

In Chinese astrology, the snake symbolizes a smart person–someone clever and perhaps cold-calculating. Someone who might partake in deception… Generally, the snake is a loner who uses other to achieve his/her goals. Their goals may be worthwhile for mankind or could be solely for the gain of the Snake person. Today, for the Year of the Snake Blog Hop, I’m going to share an excerpt from HER SWEETEST DOWNFALL that highlights deception and disguise. If you like what you read, you can buy a copy for $0.99!




They traveled by night. Traveled by roads unseen, traveled with quiet steps and hushed whispers.

The world hummed in the background of Ophelia’s thoughts. Once they arrived at the Maltorim’s asylum, she would be expected to approach the entrance as though she were an uncivilized, newborn Cruor. Not that it was so far from the truth, but Lenore and Ethan said her bloodlust was minimal compared to most. The serpent’s mark made sure of that, though at least the burning had stopped.

It wasn’t as though Ophelia had never hidden truths about herself before, but this was different. This went beyond simple deceit and into the realm of false identities and fabricated stories. One misstep could mean her life. And Robert—she still resented his role in all of this. She needed his help, but she couldn’t trust him.

Lenore, however, was not apprehensive. Ophelia knew because of their blood bond—because Lenore was Ophelia’s sire. If Ophelia wanted the Maltorim to take her under their wing, she needed to convince them that her maker was dead. And Lenore was decidedly very alive.

If the Maltorim did not accept her, however, this would all have been for nothing.

As they strode on, Ophelia felt every emotion strumming through Lenore’s body: the buzz, the excitement, the hunger—or was it thirst?—for adventure. Had Lenore not been so intrigued by their journey, Ophelia believed she would have taken leave by now. She could feel something more brewing there as well . . . some other driving-force that carried Lenore along with them on this journey . . . but a newborn cannot read the meaning behind all of their sire’s emotions, and Lenore had certainly kept that corner of her heart well-guarded.

As they crested the next hill, the Maltorim’s asylum expanded along the horizon. Stone walls encapsulated crowded rows of cemetery headstones and, in the center of the graveyard, a mausoleum—with its primeval doors and concrete edifice—awaited Ophelia’s charade. She marveled at the crumbling limestone, having never before been able to see so clearly from such a great distance.

Ethan stopped, placing a hand on Ophelia’s shoulder. The night’s wind, carrying on it the scent of the dead and the grit of dirt, swept between her and Ethan, chilling the warmth of him at her back and lifting her hair from her neck.

“We’ll stay until you’re safely inside.”

Ophelia swallowed. She didn’t turn to face him, just stood there, studying the path they’d yet to travel. He hadn’t stood this close to her since before they departed. She’d spent the journey half-wishing he would transport them through space, but he’d said they couldn’t risk that. The Maltorim would be able to sense them if they did, whereas if they approached on foot, their supernatural presence would seem just a part of the usual world around them.

 “It has to be this way,” he said, but his voice died off in a whisper, and Ophelia was uncertain whether the sentiment was intended for himself or for her. “Remember one thing when faced with tribulations, Ophelia: Fight. Whatever you do, fight. That is the only way to survive in our world.”

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Rebecca Hamilton is a USA Today bestselling Paranormal Fantasy author. Her bestselling Forever Girl Series is available at online retailers and has been optioned for film with Witten Pictures. The Hungarian edition has been published with IPC books and the German edition has been published with Darkiss, a Harlequin imprint.


  1. Great excerpt! Sounds like a great book.

  2. I need to read this again. I’ve forgotten how much I loved it :)

  3. Nice excerpt! Sounds like a whole nest of snakes 😉
    Really enjoying this blog hop!

  4. I like the excerpt! Lots of deception here.

  5. Great excerpt! This is already on my TBR list!

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