Warning: Losing your Passion for Reading May Cause you to Lose Friends #amreading #books

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If you’ve ever read a really amazing book with characters you just fell in love with, you know how books can change lives. You know how good characters, like good friends, can inspire you, and how good books, like good friends, can be there for you when you are lonely or bored or need to have some fun or just need an escape.

For example, Jody Linder in The Scent of Rain and Lightning (by my favorite author, Nancy Pickard)  is the friend that inspires me to be a kinder, gentler person. She reminds me of every friend I’ve ever looked up to for just being a good person: My friend Jessica and my friend Riley J.Ford (author of Into You). Both are friends that live miles away, but when I read books with characters like Jody, I feel closer to the friends Jody reminds me of. Maybe sometimes it makes me put the book down to write them an email, or sometimes I just enjoy that connection quietly to myself.

Or when I read another book by NancyPickard, The Virgin of Small Plains, it reminds me of my friend Melissa, because I remember when this book came in the mail with about a dozen others and she was here as I went through deciding what to read. This one was at the very top of the pile, and it went on to be a favorite of mine. She had read one chapter of the book before but then never finished it, and after I devoured it and recommended she continue reading, she read on and ended up loving the book with me. Together we wrote to NancyPickard and she wrote back. So whenever I think of NancyPickard, I think of my friend, Melissa.

There’s no forgetting Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum. This one came recommended to me by best friend, R.P. Kraul (author of Mirrors of Anguish). I REALLY need to read more of the books he has suggested to me, because this ended up being one of my all time favorite books as well. I’ll never be able to mention/think about/read this book without thinking of R.P.

Cornelia from Love Walked In became a quick friend to me as well, reminding me that you can be youthful and mature and quirky and reliable all at the same time: much like my friends S.M. Boyce (author of Lichgates) and Rainy from RainyoftheDark.

If I lost my passion for reading, I’d be losing one of the hobbies that most connect me to my friends: both my friends in fiction and my friends in real life. I’d lose friends that comfort me, inspire me, and cheer me up. I think this is why I could never give up on books. It’s why I write and why I read. It’s why I keep reading sacred to me, why I try to pick books I know I will love, and why I try to put down books I’m not enjoying at all. I’m a friend,and a reader, to the very end.

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