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I’m very appreciative of MB Mulhall for donating to the Books Against Bullying Campaign! Her book has excellent reviews and, from the sounds of it, a great message!

MB Mulhall is an author and a budding photographer. When she’s not pecking away at her keyboard or looking at the world up close through her lens, she’s got her nose stuck in a book.  A Jersey girl, born and bred, she spends much of her time scouring the boardwalks for images to capture and conversations to overhear. MB dreams of filling bookshelves with her own work  and of plastering her walls with photographs she’s taken from places around the world.

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Here is the statement MB wanted to issue to anyone out there who has been on the receiving end of bullying:

I know it’s been said, but it does get better. Do what you need to; talk to your parents/teachers/friends, throw yourself into hobbies or things you love, avoid situations where bullies may have easy access, etc. to get by. If you don’t have someone you feel you can talk to, look for an online community. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to people and get support when you don’t have to do it face to face. Google can help you find something whether it’s specific to bullying or a community focusing on something you love.
Please remember, your teen years are a very small part of life and if you can get through it, you’ll find there’s so much to live for and so many great things to see and do. It may not be easy, but the alternative will be a waste of a beautiful life and heartbreaking for those that do love you.
Stay strong.

Some girls wear makeup to enhance their natural beauty.
Some wear it to make themselves look sexy and mature, in the hopes to attract the attention of a paramour.

Darcy wears hers as a mask, a deterrent, a tribute of sorts to the musical group who got her through her parents’ messy divorce.

When she’s uprooted from her hometown in Detroit and plopped down into rural Georgia, the townsfolk don’t know whether she’s an escapee from the circus or a devil worshiping antichrist looking to kill their pets and corrupt their children.

Much to her surprise, Darcy finds herself in the middle of a bizarre love triangle; the preppy good-looking popular boy that all parents would love on one side, and the bad boy heartthrob that would have fathers sitting on their porches with shotguns and mothers buying chastity belts on the other.

Not surprisingly, Darcy also finds herself the object of cruel jokes, bullying and pies in the face. While she’s trying to stand up for what she believes in and exact revenge on those who treat her and her friends badly, she also has to decide between the two guys vying for her attention.

Will one of them really be able to see beyond the makeup and love her for her? Or will she end up just being a pawn in a long standing rivalry between the boys?

*Recommended for older teens age 15+*

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You can add this book on the Authors with Amazing and Generous Hearts list on Goodreadsor vote for it if it’s already there! Please also “like” the list at the bottom.

If you would like to donate to the BAB Campaign, please email booksagainstbullies {at} gmail {dot} com

Thank you for stopping bye!

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