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Are you looking for a new book to read? Well, we’re putting authors to a FIRST SENTENCE test. Let’s see which authors can hook you in just one line :)

Feel free to drop a comment and let us know which first lines are your favorite!


September is a busy time of the year for Trinity Massachusetts, as the uptown area embraces the day with students from all over the world come together to seek knowledge in the many different studies offered at Winston University. ~Time Shift The Paradigm by Robbie Thomas

My mom died during an exorcism on my eighteenth birthday. ~The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton

It’s just as well I’m not claustrophobic, but even so, being held captive in a bottle was not how I’d planned to spend my weekend. ~DESPRITE MEASURES by Deborah Jay

A human girl will be re-born a vampire. ~ What Kills Me by Wynne Channing



“Allow me to introduce myself – I’m an Idiot.” ~A Comedy of Terrors by Graeme Smith

Once upon a time in a far-away Icy Kingdom at the furthest and most distant corners of the world, there existed a land of fantasy where adventures flourished and the unnatural was as common as the surrounding snow. ~Angerona by Yenny Coll

The river of time flows ever on, its twists and turns change the view, however, not the course it bears. ~Souls of Magic’s Night: Dawn of Prophecy by G.A. Lungaro

They watched as the glowing cloud entered what was left of the lemur-man’s brain. ~Echoes of Nightmare and Song by Joshua Sterns

The small dog ran through the woods, using the leaves as an audible landing strip for his brief flights from earth. ~The Way of Things by Mary O Paddock


The High Lord Azgharáth stood with his head bowed and his arms wide, motionless in the middle of a dark chamber as he sought guidance from his master Ak’horos. ~Mathion: Book One of the Mavonduri Trilogy – Revised & Expanded Edition by Jeff Shanely


Frantic fingers clutched at air. ~Vexyna’s Awakening by Alphya Cing


{Science Fiction}

He had never met his grandfather; in fact no one in the family ever talked about him until his paternal grandmother, on her deathbed, told Richard the sad details of the events that had occurred in his grandfather’s life some twenty-three years before. ~The Greatest Gift by Ken Balneaves

If dark matter had a face, Harlow imagined this is what it would look like. ~ Universe Ocean by Timothy J. Lytle

Doctor Jasminda Singh broke the light speed barrier on May 19th 2052, opening the way for interstellar space travel ~ ’59 by Anthony Sunderland

Dawn had been pacing the spare bedroom floor, waiting anxiously for a phone call. ~ Destiny’s Daughter by Anthony Sunderland



The air in Belcorte, Pennsylvania tasted like death. ~Mirrors of Anguish by R.P. Kraul

The void of darkness in the hallway weighed heavily on Keith’s shoulders, like a pair of ethereal hands that seemed to push him towards the grotesque light under his mother’s bedroom door. ~Smite the Damned by Zack Kullis

“Albert Sparrow didn’t know the man, which made him easier to kill.” ~A LIFE TRANSPARENT by Todd Keisling



“Do you know who I am?” ~Capitol Angst by D.C. White

Karen Lucas pulled the door of the beauty salon behind her and turned the key in the lock. ~No Write To Die by Tom Immins

Sue’s eyebrows rose at the sight of the new clerk behind the counter at Re-Books. ~Zeke by Wodke Hawkinson

The car hurtled through the darkness and the wind whipped through the open windows, a cool lash against warm skin. ~ One Small Victory by Maryann Miller

The stale stink of piss snatched Ray away from the comfort of sleep. ~ The Last Will and Testament of Ernie Politics by Brad Grusnick

Cancer is scary enough without clowns. ~ No Limit by Fred Anderson


{Young Adult & Childrens}

The first day of junior year was turning into a dismal, depressing day for Maggie Reynolds. ~At What Cost by Jessie Anderson

“Stupid, meddling brother” I mutter under my breath as I storm upstairs, my initial excitement gradually giving way to anger.” ~The boy from the next dimension by Isabel Parkinson

Her feet didn’t seem to touch the steps. ~Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb by Ally Malinenko

The single most demeaning thing human beings put each other through is a job interview. ~Life in Pieces by Christopher Profeta

Tobin Wells had lived in Elden Forest for every one of his twenty years. ~Magician’s Mayhem by R.S. Mollison-Read

“Gone away? You mean, my parents are dead?” Asked Jane, gasping for breath as she uttered the words. ~Grimly Jane by DL Alexander

“You never forget your first dead body.” ~ Winter’s Fall by Sarah Land



“Rose Gluck drove down the rock back road with her grandmother, Imogene, and her grandmother’s longtime friend Viola Whitecell.” ~How to Find It by Anthony Mathenia

Danny Dearden had just blown through a stop light. ~ Poker Night by Markus Redmond

Marlee heard boots stomping mud off on the rush mat outside the door, and drew in a shaky breath, trying to calm the sobs. ~Reckless Rescue by Rinelle Grey


{Historical Fiction}

From inside the farmhouse, John Hardesty heard the car door slam and the engine roar to life. ~Tree Soldier by JL Oakley

“You must be Dennis.” ~Sifar by Kent L Johnson


{Literature & Contemporary Fiction}

The boards of the old porch figuratively groaned as I stepped out into the brisk October air. ~As Above So Below: A Channeled, Assisted, Unfolding Story by Jeffrey M. Borowski

I could think of two big reasons why this threesome wasn’t going to work: her boobs. ~I KILL ME: Tales of a Jilted Hypochondriac by Tracy H. Tucker

* * *

Rebecca Hamilton is a USA Today bestselling Paranormal Fantasy author. Her bestselling Forever Girl Series is available at online retailers and has been optioned for film with Witten Pictures. The Hungarian edition has been published with IPC books and the German edition has been published with Darkiss, a Harlequin imprint.


  1. “My mom died during an exorcism on my eighteenth birthday” is an amazing first line!!!

  2. Becca,first of all, thanks for listing my book above! 😀 I won’t comment about my book because that just wouldn’t be right. So I’ll comment about some of the other opening lines.

    I’m not trying to get any points here, but I have to agree with Wynne. “My mom died during an exorcism on my eighteenth birthday” is an absolutely gripping line that fills me with the desire for more.

    I also like the following”
    “You never forget your first dead body.” ~ Winter’s Fall by Sarah Land
    “Albert Sparrow didn’t know the man, which made him easier to kill.” ~A LIFE TRANSPARENT by Todd Keisling

    I would comment on my own opening line, but I am far too critical of my own work, and I wouldn’t want to have to read the horrible things I might say to myself! 😉

    Thanks Becca.

  3. My mom died during an exorcism on my eighteenth birthday. ~The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton

    Cancer is scary enough without clowns. ~ No Limit by Fred Anderson

    “You never forget your first dead body.” ~ Winter’s Fall by Sarah Land

    I could think of two big reasons why this threesome wasn’t going to work: her boobs. ~I KILL ME: Tales of a Jilted Hypochondriac by Tracy H. Tucker

  4. Hey Rebecca,

    Just wanted to say thanks for including ALT in your post!


  5. I love this!

  6. Hi Becca,

    I was doing a search for my book on google (as you do), and your page came up! Just wanted to let you know that my book is out now (and currently free), although the first sentence has changed a little!

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