Editing Services

That’s right, I’m open for editing again!

Thorough editing that won’t break your wallet, your spirit, or your voice!

Please read through this page before contacting me. I am only taking on a limited clientele and reserve the right to decline service if for any reason I do not feel I am the right editor for the project or that the book is ready for my services. At that time I may provide other resources.

BEFORE considering me as an editor for your manuscript, you should have already had your manuscript beta-read, rewritten, critiqued, and revised. I’m offering the final polish before you send your work to a proofreader. Though I include a lot of copy-editing in my services as well, it’s always best to have a fresh set of eyes go over these last changes you will make to ensure there are no typos or bloopers that occurred while applying any changes.

-Paranormal Fantasy/Mystery/Romance

-Young Adult

-Literary Fiction


-Dystopian Fiction

-On elance.com, I am in the top 1% for Basic English and top 5% for Creative Writing.

-I understand that authors aren’t made of money, and my rates reflect that. You shouldn’t have to be rich to produce a well-edited novel.

-My assessments are honest. I won’t hold back with any feedback, but I’ll offer it in a respectful way while at the same time sharing with you my honest reactions as both a reader and editor.

-Most of my authors, after receiving my editing services, went on to find publishers and agents (where they weren’t able to before), or to have more success with indie publishing.

-I am the editor I love other editors to be for me. Unfortunately, I don’t believe in being the only editor for your own work, so even though I myself am an editor, I have always had other editors for my own work. To give you an idea how picky I am, I went through at least a dozen editors before finding one who offered what I was looking for, and when I found her, it cost me about $2,000 to do for my book what I do for others.

All of my services are provided using Microsoft Word Track changes and comments.


I will go over a portion of your manuscript and make notes of what areas of writing/story need to be improved along with 1-3 examples of each “writing offense” along with solutions to finding these problems in the manuscript and how to fix them.


-grammar, punctuation, and spelling corrections.

-revision suggestions to improve clarity, context, continuity, and flow.

-resolving plot holes, logic flaws, clichés, info dumps, or character/story inconsistencies.

-fixing passive voice and inactive writing.

-streamlining the prose to remove wordiness and overwriting.

-polishing dialogue to be natural and personal (you don’t want two characters who sound the same).

-deepening point of view (this is my specialty!) through reducing filter words and avoiding point of view slips.

-goal, motivation, conflict

-verb usage (finding stronger verbs)

-word choice (finding the right word when the word choice is slightly off in meaning)

-enhancing description -strengthening voice

-formatting your book for print or submissions

My service may also include support with figurative language, balancing the writing (narrative, dialogue, internal monologues, and description), themes, symbolism, and plot and scene structure.


(A comparable editing service will cost you $.02 a word to $.03 a word)

-2 week turnaround time: $.01 a word.

-6 week turnaround time: $.005 a word.


-$30 per 10,000 words.

Payment plans are also available.


-Receive the complete service on 5,000 words ONE TIME ONLY for $5 if you want to see if this is a good match.

The opening chapters of Splintered by A.G Howard (Amulet/ABRAMS Books)

Secrets of the Gentleman Thief by Melissa Murphy (Faery Rose/Wild Rose Press)

Lichgates by S.M. Boyce

Into You by Riley J. Ford

Carpe DiEmily by Riley J. Ford

Mirrors of Anguish by R.P. Kraul

Four in the Morning by Christi Goddard

Mad About Undead You by Carl S. Plumer

Frostwalker by Brandon Luffman

The Portrait of Alatiel Salazar by Steven Katriel


“Becca’s edit was exactly what I needed. She wasn’t afraid to say what worked for her and what didn’t.  She also picked out things I never thought about, and her suggestions were spot on! Some editors hand back the work and call it good. Her job didn’t stop with the return of my manuscript. She helped see me through to the end. What I had left was a polished manuscript, ready to be published.

“Before choosing Becca, I researched and contacted a few editors, gave samples, and received quotes. I could’ve easily paid ten times more for the same level of editing I received from Becca. She looks out for indie authors. She’s one of the few who’s fees reflect her support. An edit doesn’t have to break the bank in order for your work to be the best it can be. Becca has proven that.”

~Samantha LaFantasie, Author of Made to Forget

* * *

“Rebecca Hamilton has a way of coaxing the best out of a writer. She makes you think about the important things: the intent of a scene, a chapter, the whole book. Why does your character do what he does? What are her motivations? Have you exploited all the elements of a location? Are you mixing up times, places, people? She ensures your logic is right. She hunts down anomalies, anachronisms, and just plain dumb stuff no one else seems to catch (certainly not the author). She does so much more than edit grammar and punctuation (which she does with an astonishing precision). Rebecca becomes your writing partner, enabling you to create the best book you are capable of. She is a writer’s guide, mentor, and teacher. You can find an editor almost anywhere. But you will not find anyone who will provide your book with the personal attention and care in the unique way Rebecca Hamilton will.”

~Carl Plumer, Author of Mad About Undead You

* * *

“Rebecca Hamilton has edited both of my books, INTO YOU and CARPE DiEMILY, along with numerous other writing projects. She is my go-to editor for a number of reasons:  she is consistent, diligent, timely, efficient, positive, encouraging, honest, skilled, and effective. She has a detailed eye and is able to pick up on inconsistencies that other readers miss. She is honest with her feedback, and has made my books so much stronger with her intelligent suggestions. Most of all, Rebecca has respect for the writer’s work, which in my mind is the most important quality an editor can have. She is supportive of each writer’s vision and works hard to ensure that each book reaches its potential and is the best it can be. I highly recommend Rebecca Hamilton!” ~Riley J. Ford, author of writing persuasive essays INTO YOU (Comedic Best Seller) and CARPE DiEMILY (also a Comedic Best Seller!)

 * * *

“Most editors have strengths in one particular area, but Rebecca Hamilton is good at everything–low-level details, POV, setting, clarity–that she offers more than other editors at a fraction of the price.” ~R.P. Kraul, author of MIRRORS OF ANGUISH

* * *

“If you ever have editing needs, Rebecca Hamilton is the one you need to go to. She’s tough, but she’s honest. I appreciated that about her. She doesn’t just line edit, she motivates and helps you create by questioning and thinking beyond the words on the page. For me, it’s not just about paying someone to find missing punctuation. It’s about a relationship with someone who understands your vision. Words are her passion, and she is so very talented. Rebecca is the reason I didn’t give up on my dream. I challenge you to find someone else who will give you that along with their “editing service”.” ~Jennifer Sosniak

* * *

When I set out to release my first book, I made the same mistake that so many independent authors do: I thought I could avoid getting an editor. But, luckily, before I released my book, I had the good fortune to meet Rebecca Hamilton. I thought my book was ready, but it had a long way to go. Rebecca knows the ins and outs of grammar, she knows point of view and tense, in short, she knows the nuts and bolts mechanics that make the English language work. As storytellers, we can create infinite possibilities, but we can’t properly share our creations without clear and correct use of the language. Rebecca helps you to communicate the story as closely to your vision as possible, giving your reader the best experience your imagination can create. – Brandon Luffman, author of FROSTWALKER

* * *

How To Apply for My Services

Email me at theinkmuse [at] gmail [dot] com with the following information:

-Your name

-The service you are looking for

– Title/Genre of your Manuscript and Word Count

-Blurb or short summary of what your book is about (under 300 words, please)

Please note that I will not be accepting all editing gigs. I will only be editing for those I feel I can be the most help to.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope to hear from you soon! Happy Writing!

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