Why I Switched to #NonToxic #GlutenFree #Vegan #skincare & #haircare products

Today I’m going to tell you why I chose to use Non Toxic Products…AND how to get a FREE Gift DIRECT from ME for buying things you were going to buy anyway!

2467f2f1b377e2a40592e3c530d0f17cIt’s no secret that I love natural products, but the truth is, they tended to be too expensive and too hard to find. Who wants to have to buy one thing from one store, and another from another, and another from another? Not this girl! (Which is also why I mostly shop on Amazon…) But the natural products I was finding there were either overpriced, not as natural as I wanted, or…just didn’t work. So one day my friend, knowing I was on the hunt for a vegan mascara (for my mom, actually, as mascara really irritates her eyes), sent me a note saying she found a product line I should check out. All the products are Non Toxic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free, and NOT tested on animals. So immediately I thought “Then they must not work” (What can I say? I’m a skeptic…) Also, because my friend was selling the product, I admit to the initial reaction most people have…which is to not buy it. Even though it was basically exactly what I was looking for >.<

She didn’t bring it up again, but one day late at night I got bored and decided to head over to the site. As I started browsing through and reading all that they had to offer (skin care, hair care, baby care, home care, men’s shaving gel, make up, toothpaste, pet care, garden care…on and one), I immediately thought…well, this could make things easy. I opened up a little bit to the idea. Started reading the ingredients and I was impressed! (Let’s face it, how many things do we buy that water is the FIRST ingredient listed? It’s like all we do is buy water with other things added to it.) Any, I noticed, for example, that the main ingredient in their deep conditioner was aloe vera. They use essential oils as ingredients in their products (and you can not believe in them all you like, but I’ve seen them work too many times to deny they do). Anyway, long story short, the ingredients seemed awesome, the prices were right, and they had things I needed, so I figured…why not try it.


Yep. All this time I was asking myself “Why should I try it?” and it ended up coming down to “Why not?” (Doesn’t it always?) I mean REALLY, why NOT? The price was right, it’s all natural, AND THESE WERE THINGS I WAS GOING TO BUY ANYWAY. So why buy chemical-laden products if I didn’t have to? (Did I mention the money back guarantee on their items? Yeah, seriously, NO risk involved here. I had to do it…)

2960086So I placed an order…which arrived two days later! Now I was really happy because Amazon Prime spoils me, so I like my lightening fast shipping and even a week feels like eternity to me. So, with the skepticism still running high, I tried it. Their make up first (BB cream and mascara and lip gloss). I’ll do a few review on those items specifically down the line, but overall, I was impressed. And even happier when I woke up the next day and still had clear skin! (Make up always makes me break out.) Ever since, I’ve tried a few more products, and there is not a SINGLE product I’ve been unhappy with yet. (The Make Up and Kids Wash/Toothpaste/Diaper Cream are my faves!) Next on my list, the cleaning products.

I’ll be reviewing the products individually over time, but for now, I just had to share, because I’m in LOVE. Enough so that I decided to go all in and “Back” this brand. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can head over here to learn more.

Like what you see? I have free gifts for EVERYONE who checks out with Party Code 78464. You’re going to LOVE these products! Happy shopping!


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Recovering from the Black Screen of Death @SertDataRecover #datarecovery

I have a lot to say. This company deserves every word of it, too. However, I know you are busy (especially if you just lost all of your work to computer failure) so I’m going to try to keep this as short as possible without skipping over the important details you wish you could find online, but haven’t been able to so far.

The Incident

To begin, my situation was actually WORSE than the Black Screen of Death. It’s worse than spilling water on your computer and worse than your computer overheating. You see, I dropped my laptop. Okay, LOTS of people do that and it’s not a big deal, right? Well, mine kinda more like got thrown. Not on purpose. And I can’t even be mad, because the baby did it, and who could be mad at Babbercakes? If you have’t had your computer nearly thrown across the room, learn from my mistake: don’t leave your laptop perched precariously on the edge of your sofa if you have pets, children, or two left feet. Or for any other reason, really. It’s just a bad, bad, bad idea. And you may be like me and be willing to try your odds. You might even (like me) get away with it for years. Just don’t, okay? Because even if you dropped your laptop 100 times before and everything was fine…well, one day it might not be fine. That’s what happened to me. This particular time it dropped, I apparently broke one of the heads and damaged the platter. I won’t explain the details of what that means, but the summary is: You’re Fucked. The files are maybe recoverable, but you’ve done the damn near the worst you can do, and recovery wont be easy or cheap, and YOU CAN NOT FIX IT YOURSELF. So don’t every try.


So I knew I had a bigger than usual issue when I couldn’t even get my computer to boot. There was lots of terrible advice online. Like sticking your hard drive in the freezer. I don’t care who it worked for, let me tell you, that is a bad freaking idea. I mean, sure, it’s great IF it works. But if it doesn’t, you risk ruining your hard drive, and I can say for sure, it wouldn’t have worked in my case because my head was not stuck, it was broken, and my platter was damaged. And this is jargon to you unless you’ve been through it or are going through it, but like I said, you don’t really need to understand much more other than DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING. Trust me, I’m Mrs. Fixit myself about most things. Even computer things. Heck, I even tried to see if I could figure out how to fix this myself. If you have any brain cells at all, you will realize once you start looking up these issues that you can NOT fix it yourself.

So when you realize you can’t fix it, what’s the next thing most people do? Look for the person who CAN fix it for the cheapest price possible. Now, I wouldn’t say you want to spend as much money as possible, but…here’s my experience. I sent my hard drive to the cheapest place I could find, and wasted about a week because they couldn’t recover the files. The fact is, the lower level recoveries all cost the same no matter what you go. And the companies that are charging more for the higher end recoveries are doing so *because they can actually do them*. So in the end, you aren’t saving money with those cheaper places. They are all going to do those lower end recoveries for the same price. And if you need a higher end recovery, as I did, you are going to have to go somewhere that offers that…and their prices will be higher. A lot of places SAY they can recover almost anything. That’s nice. But they can’t. So if you want to save time, go straight to the people who do it all. If it’s less work, they’ll give you the same low price as the other guys. If it’s more work, they’ll charge you the higher price, yeah, but the other place was never going to be able to do it anyway. Fact is, if you need those files, you have to pay for them.

But Why?

So after wasting a week of my VALUABLE time, I finally took my drive to the people who would actually end up helping me. Sert Data Recovery. And of course I balked when I heard how much it would be for a level 3 recovery. However, they were pretty awesome about explaining the process to me, which really helped me to understand WHY the level 3 recoveries cost so much. For example, they needed factor in the need for parts into their budget as well as the time that would be involved in an more intensive recovery. They need to have the appropriate “clean room” and, mind you, some places say they have one but actually DON’T because they outsource. So to find a reputable company like Sert is not an easy feat.

I had to think about whether the recovery was worth it. Yes, I had tons of pictures of the kids on my computer that I foolishly didn’t backup anywhere else…but I also had tons of their pictures elsewhere, and I had the MEMORIES which frankly is the important thing. I thought it would be nice to get those back…but I was most concerned with writing and work related files. I had to ask myself…how long will it take me to redo all this work? How much money could I make during those hours that I WASN’T redoing the work. So while it was a bigger bill than I could afford, the only thing more expensive in the end would have been redoing that work. So I had to cough up my credit card and should be paying it off for the rest of the year… but that will be possible since I can work and instead or readoing my work. So that’s WHY I went along with it and WHY it costs so much. I hate to break it to anyone hoping for some magical news, but it is what it is.

The Experience

Overall, I’m glad I went with SERT. They kept me updated every step of the way, and their turnaround time with fair. They gave me a price upfront, which helped (some places were like, “it’s $x-$y an hour and can take x hours to y hours to complete” … so it was like, “This is gonna cost you anywhere from $800 to $8000”) Yeah, that wasn’t going to fly. And PS, SERT did not charge me thousands for my recovery. They were fair. They also recovered over 20,000 files. ALL of my most important files were recovered. Some of the photoshop files and image files were corrupted, but I got all of my important WORD documents.

The Lesson

And the moral of this story is…don’t do that again! Thank goodness my laptop was under warranty and repairing THAT will be free (remind me ALWAYS to get the warranty!). But from now on, I’ll handle my computer with more care AND I’ll back everything up. However, we kinda all already know we SHOULD do that, don’t we? Sometimes we just have to learn our lesson the hard way. So if you are in the boat I’m in now–or find yourself there sometime in the future–I recommend you save yourself the time and headache and just go straight to SERT. I wish I had.



Questions or Comments? Leave them below. I’ll reply when I’m able.

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Looking to Work from Home? Make $6-$8 an hour reviewing #Music … Learn More Here:

I know, $6 – $8 an hour isn’t a killing, however, when you factor in that you don’t have to pay for childcare or travel expenses, and you’re getting paid to listen to music and review it, it’s really not that bad, is it?

A lot of work from home jobs want you to pay start up costs, membership fees, sell items, complete “offers” using your credit card that you have to remember to cancel so you don’t get billed, or other various scams. So when I found out from a friend about this opportunity and that it was LEGIT, I hopped to it. (Sorry, but novel writing doesn’t pay the bills . . . yet!)



You listen to 90 second music clips and rate them. On average I get .15-.23 for every clip I “review” so it’s come out to $6 to $8 an hour for me so far. The longer the review, the higher you get paid.

You can Join Here for FREE.




  1. Be aware that your reviews go directly to artists, record labels and radio stations. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Every review counts. Please ensure that your reviews are constructive. A good reviewer will comment on a range of track elements as well as writing several sentences. Please ensure that your reviews are written in good English.
  2. Please don’t cheat*. If you cheat, we will not pay you. That’s official. And we’ll block you from using the site. Slicethepie reserve the right to remove balances at our discretion.

*Cheating includes multiple browsing/using multiple accounts/scouting with others/copy and pasting/submitting reviews via a proxy server/VPN/using a bot/writing nonsense or inappropriate comments/using a translation tool to write reviews/writing reviews in poor quality English/not listening to the music etc. As a guiding principle, if you think the artist might not be happy about the way you are scouting then you are probably cheating. Cheating also includes reproducing, copying, modifying or otherwise stealing any Slicethepie content without our permission… Yep, the bottom line is: have fun, don’t steal stuff and don’t cheat.

Other than that, you are good to go! Sign up HERE!


How Do You Get Paid?

Payments are made via Paypal. When you hit a $10 balance, you can request payment. Then it takes 5 days to check your reviews to make sure you weren’t gaming the system. So like I said, treat this like a job and do your best to write specific reviews that go in depth and aren’t rushed. If you request payment every day, then by time you get your first payment you will start reviewing payments daily.



  • The better the review, the more you get paid! Also, if your review is lacking, you will struggle with getting the review to be accepted by the system.
  • Try to write a full paragraph that fills up the whole visible white box on the site. That usually results in .15 or higher payment and almost 100% accepted reviews.
  • Be as specific to the track as possible. Comment on things saying things you could ONLY say about THAT song. I write my review while listening so I have 90 seconds of typing every compliment and criticism (be polite!) that I can think of.

Some things I comment on if you need ideas:

  • The intro music: Is it upbeat or sad? Does it remind you of any genre of music?
  • The lyrics: Do you like the lyrics? Why or why not? Do they resonate with you?
  • The track quality: Is the track clear or grainy? Does the artist need to work on the quality of the recording to make the listening experience better?
  • The instrumentals: Does the music line up with the vocals? Does the singing style and music style mesh well together?
  • Your opinion: Do you like the song? Would you buy it? Do you want to hear more from this artist? Do you know anyone who WOULD like the song?
  • Appeal: Does the song has a mass appeal and mainstream style, or is it more niche?
  • Other things: I also mention if I think it would make good background music for a movie or TV show and if so WHAT KIND of movie or TV show. Would it be good bar music? Club music? Music to relax to or to have playing in the background while I write?
  • Recommendations: What do you think the artist can do to make their song more appealing?

You can Join Here for FREE.



(See, nothing fancy! Just in depth and honest!)

The intro reminded me a bit of Metallica (that’s a good thing). I really love this grungy rock style. The lyrics were right in line with rock and roll, old school style. I found the singers voice appealing and the style of the vocals meshed perfectly with the instrumentals. I would download a song like this and would probably use it for inspiration in my writing. The track quality was hard to make out. Not sure if it was a little grainy or if it just sounded that way because of the style of the music. Either way, it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the song one way or the other. The instrumental break about two minutes into the song also reminded me of old school rock music. Man, makes you realize how much you miss it. Don’t get this on the radio much these days, but I do think the style is mainstream enough to bring this genre of music back to the foreground. The bridge is clever and awesome. Totally could chill out listening to this. Actually, come to think of it, there aren’t many songs that you can just sit around and listen to. I usually like to listen to music while doing something else. But this I could just sit and listen to for the sake of the music. That’s pretty amazing.”


The piano intro set the mood nicely. This is the kind of music I can sit down and write my stories to. There is a dark, almost vampiric feel to the music. The lyrics were spot on and the voice was seductive. The track was clear and easy to listen to, and the vocalist remained consistently on key throughout. The bridge was interesting and the lyrics themselves really pulled you in. It was easy to “settle into” this song. It sounded just like something you would hear on the radio.”


The guitar intro made me think this was heading toward being a country song. I had a feeling it would be a male singer and I was right, however, it wasn’t as country as I expected. More easy-listening/indie-sounding. The quality of the track was a little grainy, but the music was well-played. The artist remained on key throughout. The lyrics probably would have appealed to me more in my always-heartbroken angsty teen years, though not sure the style of music would have appealed to me then. The song is well done and will find it’s audience. Work on better recording quality will be the most important step for this artist at this time, in my humble opinion. The repetition of the bridge will help give it a more mainstream appeal (catchy).”


I really liked the voice of the artist from the beginning. Reminded me a bit of Tori Amos and Fiona Apple, but with her own unique voice. I also really enjoyed the lyrics. The rhythm of the music was something I could write to. Sets the mood nicely. I could also see myself dancing to it. This type of track is something I could see as a background song in a Nicole Kidman movie. It’s a little quirky, but in a mainstream way. Very enjoyable. Wish there were more songs like this on the radio! The artist remained on key, the track was clear and easy to listen to, and the song was catchy. I really enjoyed the artists tone. I would love to study this song more and learn the lyrics. The bridge is awesome and this is a song I would buy on iTunes if I saw it there. Definitely a new favorite of mine!”


The piano in the intro reminded me of something, but I couldn’t quite place it. I was definitely interested to see where it would go. I was really excited to see it was a female singer. I might be wrong, but I thought this was the last artist I just gave a ten to. If so, I need this CD! The tone is fantastic. The lyrics on this one I loved even more than the last one. This song makes me feel warm inside. I thought it was interesting that she vocalized the word “Love” at one point, because I felt everything up until that point in this song really encapsulated everything that love is. This song reminded me of every time I’ve been in love, especially of new romance. I’m actually off to check itunes for this artist as soon as I see who it is. I’m convinced I need these songs in my player! Really, really, really love this, and I would love to see more of this around here! On second listen, maybe she is vocalizing alive? Although, love does make you feel alive, doesn’t it? The track is is clear to listen to. I appreciate the quality this artist is providing. Hope I can find her tracks for purchase!”


“The beginning sounds a bit like an old school horror movie sound track. As it continues on, it reminds me a bit of the movies The Lost Boys and Queen of the Damned. Although this style of singing is not usually something I really into, the style of the music is creepy and would be awesome for writing to. I would like to have just the instrumental track to something like this. I used to go to live concerts when I was younger that played music like this, so I can say the quality is comparable and it’s a strong piece of music for its genre. Keep up the good work!”

Hope that Will Help you be a Success with this Opportunity!

You can Join Here for FREE.

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Product Review: November Recap #baby #child #toddler #toys #clothes

Usborne Touchy Feely Books


This month we received for review TWO Usborne “Touchy-Feely” Books: That’s Not My Mermaid and That’s Not My Fairy. I first learned about Usborne Touchy-Feely books through my 17 month old’s speech therapist. I had been on the look out for a good Touch and Feel style book for the baby, as she’s very sensory-seeking, and it seemed all the ones I tried were lackluster. Most common problem was that many had the same textures for everything. Bumpy and scratchy and lumpy all felt the same. Smooth and slick. Soft and Fluffy. I wanted variety. And the one Isa’s therapist brought to the appt had just that. So we decided we would get some for review. We picked the above mentioned two because we love mermaid and fairies :) One thing I found cool about these books is that the story and textures begin on the cover. They really don’t waste any pages! The Fairy book was only OKAY. The “textures” were Shiny (not a texture…but was squishy) Fluffy, Bumpy (which wasn’t quite bumpy enough, IMO), Smooth, Frizzy (was more scratchy…), Sparkly (not a texture and felt the same as “Smooth”),  It was still cute, though. The one I was most excited about–Mermaids–was more impressive :) We had Fluffly, Bobbly, Scaly (bigger scales would have been nice), Bumpy (which was thankfully different than bobbly!), Squashy (it was squishy, but whatever), Shiny (smooth). So again, not all were actual textures, but at least each texture on this one felt unique. I would say of all the touch and feel books, these were the best quality and variety.

Steam Cleaner Bissel


Can’t say I’m particularly passionate about steam cleaning, but mostly I just wanted something that would get the job done. This did the trick. Luckily the one we received for review was small and easy to store, though at the same time, it was perhaps harder to use than an upright one if doing an entire rug (as I did) versus just one spot, which is what it was intended for. I had to empty the water and refill it quote a few times to get the job done. But it worked and the results were great. My rug is now almost like new! And perhaps being on my hands and knees helped me get a better look at what I was doing. It did take me over an hour to complete the task, but considering how infrequently I need to worry about this, it’s not such a big deal when you think about it, and it saved my favorite rug :)



We were finally able to replace one of our shag rugs this month in the doorway. While I love shag rugs, they tend to hoard the prickler weeds from our yard when they are tracked inside (all the time) and we needed something that would stop stabbing our feet as a result of that. So we kicked the old rug to the curb and got a flat rug more like our living room rug. I was worried for how cheap it was that it would be complete junk, and it was rather thin, but I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality. It’s here to stay. I really should give it that night upside down that they suggest to undo curling, but I’ve been a bit lazy in getting that done, hoping it will flatted on it’s own eventually. Only weird thing is, I ordered a brown rug, and the rug I received was red. Still worked. Actually, didn’t even notice until now that that is what happened… Hmm. Well, at least I still like it.


Sippy Cup (Hedgehog) Skip Hop Zoo


Of all the straw sippy cups I have tried for my kids over the year, I am most happy with the quality of this one by Skip Hop. Skip hop so far has never let me down in terms of quality, and their designs are ALL adorable. This cup even came with replacement parts. Easy to disassemble and clean, and doesn’t leak much. (Except for when baby turns it upside down and bangs it on things…) (Not that my sweet angel ever does that…) For only $6, this is  a no-brainer.


Little Passports


I need to start this particular mini review with a HUGE should out to Little Passports! My husband accidentally threw away some pieces of this month’s kit. TOTALLY not the fault of the company. I asked them if they could just “Set us back a month” to resend this month or if I could rebuy the month. They sent me a one-time complimentary replacement! Obviously can’t do this every month, so we will be more careful now, but that was really above and beyond of them to do that. As for what was included this month: A postcard from Brazil, a map marker for Brazil, a Brazil “boarding pass”, a letter from Sofia and her brother about their trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, an amethyst rock, and an activity sheet that included a Portuguese word search (including translation), a South American country word scramble, and a recipe for Brigaderio (that we still need to try!) Learn more about Little Passports here! It’s definitely our favorite box subscription so far!


I am MOST excited this month to introduce you to some amazing small businesses for children’s clothes. These shops were all found on Instagram and Etsy! Each and every one of these stores offers TOP quality, TOP customer service, and TOP adorabeness! I will let the products speak for themselves here!

Sage and Sky Threads

“dream” shirt

sage and sky


* * *

This Freckled Girl

“arrow” legging


* * *

Sak Threads

“sweater” pants


* * *

Pirates and Peonies

“watercolor arrows” leggings


I also bought a pair of rainbow boots from AliExpress. Sadly, the sizing ran small, so they arrived already too small to use. Quality was good though and they were cute!

rainbow boots

Did YOU find anything great this month? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Product Review: October Recap #Christmas #ChristmasList #Holiday #HolidayShopping

This post will cover the following:

  • Raine + Sky mini gypsy handbag
  • Quinlee’s Boutique mustard baby moccasins
  • Fit Bit Aria Scale
  • Doodle Bear
  • Skip Hop hedgehog bowl, plate, & utensil set
  • Replay Recycled cups
  • Smart Planet Collapsible Lunch Boxes

Raine + Sky mini gypsy handbag & Quinlee’s Boutique Baby Mocs



I first heard about Raine + Skye on Instagram and just adored them immediately! Isabel needs to get a little taller for this bag, but she already loves it, and so do I. It would also work as a shoulder bag for an older girl (like my 8 year old). It doesn’t hold much, but it’s cute, and would good for a few small possessions. Favorite toy, baby hair brush, phone if you are older (or toy phone if you are a baby). Great quality. I’m really impressed this was made by a Stay At Home Mommy business. I love those places. The baby mocs were PERFECT for our little girl who hates shoes. She doesn’t mind these at all. I had been eyeing Freshly Picked, but ended up with these in my hand! Next shoe purchase we make will definitely be another pair of these bad boys!


Fit Bit Aria Scale


My husband plans to get me a Fit Bit for New Years and we were in need of a new scale as my six year old wanted to use our old one as a frisbie. This is where stalking companies on Instagram comes in handy. We were very excited to try this scale out as I’ve never tried a wireless scale before! It updated my fitbit account online every time I weigh myself. And this bad boy is SMART! It knows when the person stepping on the scale is my husband, myself, or a guest (usually one of the kids) and records it accordingly. You can update it if it gets it wrong for any reason right inside the fit bit website. Maybe the app, too? I haven’t checked yet. Either way, I love the digital reading and ease of use on this one. Definitely the nicest scale I ever owned. If you are willing to splurge on a scale, I say go for it with this one! Available on Amazon.

Doodle Bear

doodle bear

I was curious how this would hold up to my memories as a child. It has all these fancy extras I don’t remember. Stencils. Stamps. Etc. But the marker ink quality is not as good as I remember (or not as good as it was?) and the size of the marker tips don’t work very well with the stencils. Kid-Approved, though, according to my 8 year old, who was the real product tester on this one. I don’t want to get all philosophical here about how quality on items have gone down over the years while price has gone up, or how we are raising a generation to expect low quality as “normal”. I certainly don’t want my kids to think mediocrity is the end of the line. But I digress. It’s a kids toy. Kids like it. Can we please bring back popples? I will say this. This is one of the review Items I bought myself, and I was not happy that the price was $15 ALL month, but I put it my cart, responded to an email, came back, and couldn’t check out because “the item in your cart is no longer available at that price” and I had to go re-add it to my cart–this time with a $20 price tag. Not cool, Amazon Retailer. Not cool. Anyway, holidays are coming up. See if this is something your little girl or boy might enjoy. Available on Amazon.


Skip Hop plate set, Replay-Recycled Cups, & Smart Planet Collapsible Lunch Boxes

skip hop


This is a cute, durable plate set. The kits think it’s fun. For practicality, we usually use the Replay Recycled Line, but this is a fun way to change it up. I would get more for the other kids, too. There’s some really cute options available on Amazon for a good price.



Long story short, this brand of food-ware (is that a thing?) is made from 100% recycled materials. BPA-free and FDA-approved. These are NOT microwave of dishwasher safe, which is the ONLY thing I don’t like about them. They are easy to clean, though. Easy-enough to have the kids do it. Which we do 😉 Less than $10 (shipped) on Amazon.



So most people don’t give this a great review because they say it leaks everywhere and the spoon/fork holder doesn’t stay in place. I haven’t had that issue yet, but I guess here’s the thing. I don’t care if it leaks. We’re not planning to put leaky items into it. I don’t care if the spoon/fork holder works forever. We aren’t leaving the house with it. This is just a way for us to organize the kids’ lunches (we homeschool) in our fridge. I checked it out, I like it. The kids like it. We got one for each kid to try, and no problems or complains as of yet. Will update if anything changes. I got ours on Amazon, of course!


Well, that’s a wrap! See you next time :)

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Product Review: #LittlePassports Subscription, Explorer Kit 1 #Homeschooling (or not)






First of all, there is NOTHING in this box you can get anywhere else. Second of all, it’s an education activity that kids actually enjoy! Next, you always know what you are getting! Not EXACTLY, but enough to not be disappointed. Oh, and we were all so excited to dive in, I forget to take a picture of what was inside! So this is all you get, sorry! I’ll do better next time 😉

From the Site:

“Sign up for one or both of our subscriptions and follow Sam and Sofia on their exciting adventures around the USA and the world. Inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about geography, history, culture, and language in a fun and memorable way. We offer two subscription packages:”

Then you can choose world edition or USA edition. We started with World edition and if the quality keeps up, we will be doing USA edition for sure when we finish the “course”.


World Edition: Here’s what you get!

Recommended age: 5-10 years old

Explorer Kit for Month 1
  • A fun travel suitcase with a letter from our globetrotting characters Sam and Sofia
  • World wall map
  • Travel passport
  • Fun stickers, an activity sheet, and access to online games and activities
Country adventure kits for future months

Sam and Sofia visit a new country every month and send your child:

  • An adventure letter
  • Fun souvenirs
  • Stickers for your child’s suitcase, passport, and map
  • Photos from that country’s sites
  • Online games and activities in our Boarding Zone


We use it as a family activity with all the older kids :) We’ll repeat it again when Isabel is old enough! Here is an overview of the two options:

World Edition

Every month, follow our characters Sam and Sofia as they embark on a new country adventure. Your first month’s Explorer Kit arrives in a suitcase and contains everything your child needs to get started: a letter from Sam and Sofia, a map, a passport, stickers, access to online games and more. Country specific packages filled with fun souvenirs, letters, stickers, photos, activity sheets and more arrive every month thereafter.

Recommended age 5 to 10 years old.

USA Edition

With your USA Edition subscription, Sam and Sofia travel to and experience the wonders of all 50 states. Kick-off your USA adventure with the first month’s Discovery Kit which includes a letter from Sam and Sofia, a USA Field Guide, a USA scratch book, a map, and a camera. Sam and Sofia then travel to two new states every month and send an activity-packed travel journal with stickers, postcards, pop-out models and access to online activities.

Recommended age 7 to 12 years old.


The way it works is you can start at any time, and they send you the boxes in order. It’s not like other subscriptions where you get whatever is included for that month. It’s always going to depend on what month in the program you are in. The first month you get a travel suitcase for them to store things in from the upcoming months. You also get your first little lesson and introduction! So here is what came the first month:


A letter from Sam and Sophia

Sticker for Suitcase (you get one every month)

Online Access to Games aka “Boarding Pass”

Activity Card with 3 fun learning activities

World Map

Post Card from Sam and Sophia

Passport (to fill with “stamps” with each location you do!)


It’s a basic little thing, but it’s SO fun! I enjoyed doing this with the kids! We can’t afford for all of them to have their own (plus it’s all the same content) so we took turns.


If you would like an invite for a $10 off coupon for your first box to try it, leave your email in the comments and I will send you a coupon invite :) It’s only 11.95 a month plus shipping, and worth every penny :)

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