Why I Switched to #NonToxic #GlutenFree #Vegan #skincare & #haircare products

Today I’m going to tell you why I chose to use Non Toxic Products…AND how to get a FREE Gift DIRECT from ME for buying things you were going to buy anyway! It’s no secret that I love natural products, but the truth is, they tended to be too expensive and too hard to find. Who wants to have to buy one thing from one store, and another from another, and another from another? Not this girl! (Which is also why I mostly shop on...

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Recovering from the Black Screen of Death @SertDataRecover #datarecovery

I have a lot to say. This company deserves every word of it, too. However, I know you are busy (especially if you just lost all of your work to computer failure) so I’m going to try to keep this as short as possible without skipping over the important details you wish you could find online, but haven’t been able to so far. The Incident To begin, my situation was actually WORSE than the Black Screen of Death. It’s worse than...

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Looking to Work from Home? Make $6-$8 an hour reviewing #Music … Learn More Here:

I know, $6 – $8 an hour isn’t a killing, however, when you factor in that you don’t have to pay for childcare or travel expenses, and you’re getting paid to listen to music and review it, it’s really not that bad, is it? A lot of work from home jobs want you to pay start up costs, membership fees, sell items, complete “offers” using your credit card that you have to remember to cancel so you don’t...

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Product Review: November Recap #baby #child #toddler #toys #clothes

Usborne Touchy Feely Books This month we received for review TWO Usborne “Touchy-Feely” Books: That’s Not My Mermaid and That’s Not My Fairy. I first learned about Usborne Touchy-Feely books through my 17 month old’s speech therapist. I had been on the look out for a good Touch and Feel style book for the baby, as she’s very sensory-seeking, and it seemed all the ones I tried were lackluster. Most common...

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Product Review: October Recap #Christmas #ChristmasList #Holiday #HolidayShopping

This post will cover the following: Raine + Sky mini gypsy handbag Quinlee’s Boutique mustard baby moccasins Fit Bit Aria Scale Doodle Bear Skip Hop hedgehog bowl, plate, & utensil set Replay Recycled cups Smart Planet Collapsible Lunch Boxes Raine + Sky mini gypsy handbag & Quinlee’s Boutique Baby Mocs   I first heard about Raine + Skye on Instagram and just adored them immediately! Isabel needs to get a little taller...

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Product Review: #LittlePassports Subscription, Explorer Kit 1 #Homeschooling (or not)

NOW THIS IS SOMETHING WORTH GETTING INTO!       First of all, there is NOTHING in this box you can get anywhere else. Second of all, it’s an education activity that kids actually enjoy! Next, you always know what you are getting! Not EXACTLY, but enough to not be disappointed. Oh, and we were all so excited to dive in, I forget to take a picture of what was inside! So this is all you get, sorry! I’ll do better next...

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