BOOK REVIEW: The Sin Collector by Jessica Fortunato

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“The Sin Collector” follows the life of Liliana, a born Sin Collector. She has spent over 100 years absorbing people’s sins so they may rest in peace come death. However when she meets another Collector, one who insists everything she has been taught is a lie, Liliana must make her way from sunny L.A. all the way to the streets of Madrid. Searching for answers to a question we all share. Why are we here? The friends and enemies she makes along the way only seem to blur the line between right and wrong. Can Liliana fight the Castus, an organization whose sole mission is to kill every Collector? Should she trust her head or her heart when the two most important men in her life are fighting alongside her? Then there is the worst question of all: who will be left when the dust settles?


This novella was worth every penny! I really enjoyed the read, the characters, and the story. Jessica Fortunato has a brilliant mind and an extremely unique story to tell. Her mythology of “Sin Collectors” is not only original but also layered with fantastic complexity. There is one thing that is hard for any author to achieve in fiction, and that is for our story to say more than it does on the surface. I loved that the Sin Collectors can’t really know if what they do is right or wrong, but that it is their nature and what they are meant to do. They certainly seemed like the good guys in this story, not matter what anyone (the Castus included) might think of their existence and purpose.

Nit Picks:

Critically speaking, noticed some punctuation issues and sentence continuity, along with some missing/misused commas and comma splices, missing hyphens, dangling modifiers, a few point of view slips, and the occasional weak sentence structures … but these are not things that would affect a reader. Also, the formatting needs fixed, but that didn’t distract from reading. I doubt most would even notice these small hiccups. I did find one of the romances a bit boggling, though, considering the pairs previous relationship, but I won’t say more than that for fear of posting a spoiler LOL.

Other than that, there were a few scenes that felt a bit rushed:

  • The scene in the library where the girl is bitten by a spider. The emotion in that scene was phenomenal! But the part where the medics are called and then show up felt rushed.
  • Some of the descriptions I would have liked to see more. Example: “Billy still looked confused.” At moments like that, I’d love a description of what Billy looks like when confused, so I can see it for myself instead of being told about it.
  • The part where Billy leaves Lily alone in the hotel room felt a bit rushed, also, and  I was surprised he left her alone in those circumstances for any reason.


I also want to point out some fantastic highlights—moments in the story that left me in awe of this writer’s talent. For one, her characters are fully developed and there were some great set ups early on that set up small character mysteries and made you want to learn more about the character’s backstory (which the author delivered bit-by-bit, always leaving you hungry for more!). I am also a George fan!

The narrative voice was FANTASTIC: Both intense and humorous with the sarcasm. Fortunato manages to, at times, characterize multiple characters with one quick witticism, a skill I greatly admire. I had to LOL at some of the comments, such as “I would have choked to death laughing if I had been able to choke to death.” I also loved the bit  at the end where Julia took on Lily’s sarcasm, and Olexander makes a comment about it!

Every chapter ended on a hook, leaving me wanting more. Lily’s personality also changes a lot over the story, and I have to say I like who she grows to become more than who she was at the beginning of the book—though I loved her all the way through the story! She’s a great character :)

I love the way Fortunato played with which characters could be trusted. She adequately left me wondering who could be trusted. I like a story that I can’t figure out before the reveal, and this book delivered!

I can’t express enough how much I loved this story and the characters. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a unique urban fantasy read!

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Rebecca Hamilton is a USA Today bestselling Paranormal Fantasy author. Her bestselling Forever Girl Series is available at online retailers and has been optioned for film with Witten Pictures. The Hungarian edition has been published with IPC books and the German edition has been published with Darkiss, a Harlequin imprint.

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