Books Against Bullying Campaign

I  stumbled across a lot of vlogs on YouTube from teens who are struggling with bullying. Many confess to feeling as though no one cares about them, going through depression, and even self mutilation and suicidal thoughts and attempts.

I think we’ve all seen what an epidemic this has been becoming over the years. Bullying has always been a problem, but how on earth has it become so popular? Really, bullying is sooooo uncool.

Not asking for a show of hands, but I am sure a lot of people reading this can understand how these teens are feeling and that (sometimes), when we’re younger, there seems to be no end in sight to the suffering. Heck, some of us even experience our fair share of bullying as adults.

I want to show these teens that YES people do care about them. YES people do think they don’t deserve to be bullied. YES there is life beyond high school. YES there are things in life worth living for. And, most importantly, I want them to see that there is an “escape” that doesn’t involve taking their own life.

Of course, it’s important they also get support from family and medical professionals if they are battling depression, but who’s to say a little reading material won’t brighten their day and give them hope?

So this is me asking all my fellow indie authors to come together to do something amazing.

I’ll donate the kindle if we can get 50-100 YA kindle books donated to the cause. Please keep it to a max of 2 titles per author. Please help us reach this goal by sharing the word with all the indies you know!

As a “thank you” to every participant, I will host you on my blog, featuring you and the book you chose for your donation, along with your choice of a message you would like to say to those who have bullied. Perhaps we can even use these messages to put together a little “e-file” to go with the kindle/book collection we send out.

If you are interseted in donating a kindle copy of your book for this cause, please email me at booksagainstbullying [at] gmail [dot] com . If you donate books, they will only be used ONCE. Please indicate in your email if I have permission to contact you for a second round ;) It would be nice to offer this to more than one bullied teen, and I’d be happy to donate future kindle devices to the cause.

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