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Kayla Curry lives in North Platte, Nebraska with her husband and two children. She likes spending time with family and friends when she’s not working front desk at a local hotel or writing. Her other hobbies include reading and arts and crafts.

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My experience with Kayla is that she has always been a giver. So it came as no surprise that she was one of the first people to contact me with interest in donating to the Books Against Bullying Campaign. She even agreed to guest blog today a little bit on the subject. See what Kayla has to say about bullying below. I think she has an important message to share with those who are afraid to speak out against bullying.

Most people think that there are only two parties to a bully situation. I know from experience that there are actually three, the bully, the bullied and the bystander. While in high school, there was a kid who was picked on quite a bit. He was shy and awkward and perhaps a little slow and he didn’t have a friend in the whole school. He was also very kind and would never be mean to anyone no matter how cruel they were to him.

He was in my PAWS class–a ten minute class after first period designed to give students a chance to get organized in the morning and hear about any important announcements. Also in that class was one of the school “Jocks.” He would usually talk to the kid that was shy and awkward. It always started out as innocent talk but sometimes would cross the line into bullying when the “jock” was egged on by other classmates. The whole thing would sometimes turn into ten minutes of torture at the shy kids’ expense.

I was one of the students who sat on the sidelines and watched it happen. Until one day I had enough. I was on the school paper and I came up with an idea on how to stop these daily PAWS attacks once and for all. So, in PAWS class one day when the “jock” started his usual questioning of the shy kid, “What’s that on your back pack? Star Wars?” he asked him. The shy kid went on to explain that he had quite a collection of Star Wars memorabilia at home.

Once I saw that the kids in class were going to ridicule him for that I stood up and said, “Hey, that’s pretty cool. Maybe I could do a story on that for the school paper.” After that, they decided that maybe some of the things they teased him for weren’t worth it and the attacks eventually stopped after I stood up for the shy kid a few more times.

I wish I could have followed him to every class and done the same thing at each class he was teased in. I wish I would have done it sooner. I’m just glad that I could relieve the stress he must have felt for ten minutes each day. I only wish I would have done more. I still see him around every now and then. I just saw him at Wal-Mart the other day, just as shy as ever, but still incredibly kind.

So, those who are not bullied and don’t do the bullying directly, just know that you can do something. Even a small gesture will help. If you don’t and you just sit back and watch, you are just as bad as the people doing the bullying. I gave the shy kid ten minutes of freedom each day, but a book can be an even greater release. Now that I think of it, the shy kid read a lot of books. Perhaps he knew they would take him away from the stress.

Well said, Kayla! I think too many people stay in the shadows when it comes to bullying. Bullies are good at instilling fear into people. They are able to make people feel like they can’t stand up to them, can’t disagree with them. Sometimes they even successfully pressure people into joining in the hurtful behavior toward others. But what is more important? Gaining the acceptance of a few kids in high school that you may never see again after you graduate, or doing the right thing and being a good person, because you will have to live with yourself for the rest of you life?

Well, since I have you hear, why don’t you learn a bit about the book Kayla is donating. You can even grab a copy for yourself!

Ava Tanner finds herself in a world without satellite technology in a time of GPS, Smart Phones and Tablets. When she discovers that a corporation headed by vampires with a sinister motive is to blame, her world is turned upside-down. After a narrow escape, she learns a mystical secret about herself that could aide her in her fight against the vampires. Unfortunately, the vampires see her either as a valuable asset or a target for destruction.

When the world is on the brink of complete social and technological devastation, one must ask themselves: Would I give up my blood for the modern ideal way of life, or will I wage war with the overlords of chaos?

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From Kayla to Victims of Bullying: Middle school is tough, high school can either get better or worse. Once you are in the real world, people grow up and it get’s better. Hang in there and get help where you can, friends, family, teachers and anyone else you can think of. Books are just one of the many ways to cope.

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If you would like to donate to the BAB Campaign, please email booksagainstbullies {at} gmail {dot} com

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  1. I’m not surprised Kayla came to that boy’s rescue. She’s generous and kind.

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