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Samantha is one of my favorite bloggers! She’s been blogging reviews for a while, and I’ve always loved reading her insights. She’s one of my go-to gals for book reviews, for finding new books to read, and for recommending my favorite books to someone who I know has similar tastes. That’s why I was REALLY excited to see that she had published her own book, Heart Song. I look forward to reading it!

If you haven’t met Samantha, this blog post is a great place to learn a bit about her, check out some book review’s she’s written, and learn more about her own writing. You can also check out her WEBSITE to learn more!

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Reviews by Samantha

(featuring her most recommended reads)

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About Heart Song:
There once was a world filled with magic and immortals. To protect the immortals the world was torn into two realms, one of mortals and one of magic. 
For centuries Jiren has been one of the leaders of the immortal realm, but his power is now put at risk when it is said that the heart song between a mortal, Relena, and a werewolf, Marren is fated to bring both the mortal and immortal realms together once again before the world is forever shrouded in darkness.
The shape-shifting, ethereal vampire, Jiren, will stop at nothing to prevent the realms from rejoining, even killing another Ancient—the most unforgivable crime.
In addition, Relena and Marren are put through one of the greatest tests of their relationship just to prove their love for one another, putting the future of both realms in jeopardy; solely to appease the other Ancient rulers of the immortal realm.
With both realms doomed if they are not together, will Marren and Relena be able to prove their heart song or will Jiren have his way and throw the world into complete devastation?
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