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Some of you may remember when I reviewed CAGED in the past. It’s one of the best New Adult books I’ve read in the paranormal genre and one of the few books I have, in my life,devoured. Normally it takes me a while to get through a book, due to having a busy life, but CAGED was one of those books that made me put life on hold. So I’m SUPER excited to be a part of this tour AND to get to giveaway TWO FREE COPIES OF CAGED! Good luck to all who enter, but I warn you, don’t miss out on this book. Add it to your reading list because even if you don’t win, you WILL want to secure a copy. And at $0.99, you can do so without any guilt whatsoever!

Want to learn more about the book? Read on, my friends!


Following the death of her parents, Ruby tries to carve out a life for herself while adjusting to her newly-acquired ability to see and while dealing with the lack of answers surrounding her parents’ death and how she survived the attack. In the process of trying to integrate with the rest of the world around her, she runs into the man who saved her, and he’s the one who might have the answers she’s looking for. Or, perhaps, he’s the one who might bring forth a whole ‘nother kind of danger into her life. And if he doesn’t, Mystery Man #2 just might. Ultimately, Ruby is forced to choose between these two men. And she chooses poorly. If she wants to survive, she’ll need to call on the darkness within her or spend a hellish eternity imprisoned because of it.


A Quick Recap on my thoughts about this book:

I was hooked from the first moment and endeared by all the well-timed humor. CAGED was hard to put down and even hard to leave down. Natusch knows how to grab a reader by the throat and never let go. This is a highly story/plot-based novel that fits nicely into the realm of high-concept fiction. The novel is  packed with action and chapter after chapter of Ruby’s attempt to escape from being “Caged”.  I most enjoyed the scenes that followed.

This pace of the novel is breakneck, but in a good way. It’s nice to see an author who doesn’t take the “show-don’t-tell” advice to mean the reader needs to hear every painstaking detail of every last thing the character does from the time the story stars until it ends. Instead, Natusch balances scene and summary by alternating the two in a way that creates a unique-yet-effective writing style. To compliment the pacing and brilliant storyline, there is a freaking awesome voice. I must have commented “great voice” about a 100 times in my kindle comments, and that’s only because I gave up typing it out and spent the rest of the book just complimenting this aspect in my head. Amber knows how to place a clever description, too. One of my favorite descriptions was when  Ruby describes Sean’s eyes as clear and bright green as new grass in the spring. Also, I love that the descriptions NEVER ONCE got in the way of the story, yet there was always enough there to visualize just about everything.

The Cooper set up at the end, along with how amazing and gripping this book was, had me chomping at the bit for book 2, which I read immediately after finishing CAGED. I was equally impressed with that book as well!

CAGED is a brilliant debut novel. I hope you win a copy here today!

CAGED Giveaway

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  1. Nice giveaway! In contemporary fantasy and fiction I typically look for a fast-paced plot with riveting action and a dash of magic. I also look for characters with whom I can connect and a plot that keeps me guessing, but I expect that of all fiction.

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