10 Rules for Being Interesting

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Don’t listen to anything I say.

I’m the least interesting person I know. You really shouldn’t be taking my advice. However, it would definitely be interesting if you did. Interesting, you will learn, is almost synonymous with being someone who does things that don’t make sense. Of course, there are some people who are interesting because they are informative, but if you want to be that kind of interesting you can go on Jeopardy. 

Rule #2:

Don’t play it safe.

Safe topics aren’t interesting. Except food. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you not to talk about food because people actually LOVE talking about food. Food is more interesting than Obama. I’m just saying Obama because people love talking about him, too. But that’s why I’m not interesting. If you talk about what everyone else is talking about, how does that make you interesting? Really it just means you are talking about  a safe topic that is already interesting, and will be interesting with or without you. You need to make your own interesting, and that means talking about things no one else is. And there is usually a reason no one else is talking about those things. They aren’t “safe” topics. Talking about safe things doesn’t make you interesting.

Rule #3

Be smarterer.

Be so smart you know things no one else knows. Like that the sky is green, not blue, not a reflection, just green. Pear green. You can only find out this information from me. See, no one else knows this, because I is smarterer. The downfall is that when you know something most people don’t know, they usually think you are an idiot. But idiots are interesting, too, you know. Also the sky is not really green.

Or is it…?


Do something no one else does.

You aren’t interested in knowing that I wake up every morning and go to bed every night. However, it might be slightly more interesting to know that I can’t touch cotton balls. For me, that is like nails going down a chalkboard.


Talk about things you aren’t supposed to.

I’d love to give an example, but I’ve always been to chicken shit to do this. Oh, if I wasn’t, I’d have soooo many interesting things to say.


Don’t take yourself seriously.

What is more interesting?

This: I don’t understand why I can’t keep a job. I have an excellent work history and great work ethics. I’d make a great company leader.

Or: So drinking whiskey on lunch breaks and never being more than 30 minutes late to work is apparently a bad thing. I’m tired of my leadership skills being overlooked. How many other people can succeed at making everyone else in the company look good?

Rule #7

Do something, then talk about.

This works best if you do things that make no sense! Because people who make no sense are interesting. For example, planking. Planking makes NO SENSE. But man, it’s damn interesting that people actually go out of their way to lay down like a plank and take a picture of it to share with their friends on social media sites.

Rule #8

Talk candidly about sex.

Don’t ask me why, but people like talking about sex. For some reason it’s fascinating. Maybe it’s because people enjoy talking about that which they cannot do–or bodily functions and fluids, like my Grandma who is always telling me how constipated she is and about her latest enema. Thanks, Grandma! Pass the Cheerios…

Rule #9

Ask questions.

This is the easiest way to be interesting, because it doesn’t require you to actually be interesting. It just requires you giving other people the opportunity to be interesting. People love talking about themselves! And their grandparents enemas, apparently  And if you can appreciate the genius of their interesting-ness, then by default you will be so totally interesting, too, but people love people who think they are awesome. 

Rule #10

Be brave.

Remember that being interesting doesn’t always mean being popular. I get more blog hits when I accidentally piss someone off than I do when I offer to give away free money. Want everyone to agree with you? Post a popular opinion. Want people to care about you so much they will hunt you down to talk to you (or at you)? Post something they don’t agree with. Heck, if you do this in conjunction with being smarterer, people will follow you wherever you go just trying to figure out what they hell you’re smokin’.

If all else fails: do stupid things, make ridiculous statements, post random pictures, and start using a label maker on everything you own.

* * *

Rebecca Hamilton is a USA Today bestselling Paranormal Fantasy author. Her bestselling Forever Girl Series is available at online retailers and has been optioned for film with Witten Pictures. The Hungarian edition has been published with IPC books and the German edition has been published with Darkiss, a Harlequin imprint.


  1. HAH!

    There is so much awesome in this post it’s incredible. Love it! So much love.

  2. All so true, but you missed one. Be funny. I find that the best way to get a retweet or a favorite is to tweet something that’s funny, and about sex.

  3. I totally relate to the cotton ball thing.

  4. I also find that macro-economic theory wows them every time, especially when accompanied by graphs, pie charts, and obscure quotes from 17th Century philosophers.

    If you could link that with cotton balls, just imagine!

    • sounds like one of those awesome things where I wouldn’t really have to know what I’m talking about because most people would have no idea anyway :)

  5. I love my label maker! This was a fun list.

  6. This might be your best post yet! =)

  7. Blasphemy! Who says you’re not interesting? Oh wait…did I just break the first rule. Darn! 😀 Awesome!

  8. I must say you do sounds pretty interesting and self-deprecating to boot! There’s always a fine line when at a party isn’t there (maybe after the 2nd drink) when you think you are fascinating but really you are starting to talk a whole load of horseshit (or maybe that’s just me) Come on over and let me know who you’d want to play you in a movie of your life

  9. Thanks Grandma! Lol

    Great post :)

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